A New Year Brings New Adventures

It’s that time of year when New Year’s resolutions are made and folks are thankful for a new start. For my family, there are goals and ideals that sparkle in our minds as we prepare for what lies ahead in 2013.

There is a for sale sign in our yard. It has a firecracker addition that shouts “Coming Soon!” as it greets potential buyers with a bright and cheery hello.

On the inside, we’re busy getting ready to stage the house for the official listing to go live. Boxes are being filled with goods that will travel across the country. Bins are being filled and delivered with items to be donated. And for me and my husband, we are being filled with the excitement and anxiety of the unknown.

We are moving. Across the country. To Los Angeles.

To some, it seems we’ve completely fallen off our rockers.

We are giving up our first house. The house we renovated and made our own. The house our daughter started kindergarten in. The house we brought our sweet boy home from the hospital to.

We are willingly agreeing to spend more on our monthly expenses, with no guarantees of a payoff as we pursue our love of art and music.

Maybe we are crazy. But wonderful things are not acquired without action. And believing that God is leading us on new adventures gives us complete peace as we press on into the beauty of the west coast.

We will be sad to leave Nashville, our home for the last 8 years. We’ve made some amazing friends. We’ve learned so much in each of our respective fields. We’ve failed and we’ve succeeded here in Music City. And for every moment, we’ve been grateful to do what we love and pursue the opportunities that God has blessed us with.

So 2013 is a year for new possibilities. A new journey. A new home. New friends and new surroundings. Here’s to always pursuing the beauty of the journey and getting past the speed bumps that will surely come our way. Bring it!

Gregory Byerline

Boo for us, but yay for you. Exciting times.

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