Rainy Days

Rainy Days by Krystal MannIt’s been rainy in SoCal today. Though I know many hate the rain, it’s a welcome change for me.

I love the sound of the water falling and the leaves rustling in the wind. It’s a good day to relax with a good book and snuggle with a sweet little puppy, or maybe watch a movie with the kiddos. Personally, it’s good fuel for thinking and daydreaming.

So, if you have the chance, let your mind wander and breathe in the goodness of water falling from the sky. It’s good for the soul.

When Mollie Met Margot

Three year olds are adorable. Newborns are also adorable. When three year old sister meets newborn sister, it’s too cute for words. This is the story of a little girl named Mollie who meets her sister Margot for the first time.

Margot | Newborn Photography by Krystal Mann www.mintandsage.com After hugs from mom, Mollie took an apprehensive peek at this new little creature that mom and dad so lovingly referred to as her little sister.

Family Photography by Krystal Mann | www.mintandsage.com_MG_9176

There was Margot, a sweet little baby, wrapped in a blanket with a tiny little bow in her hair.


Mollie stared at Margot, not sure if her little sister was as great as mom and dad seemed to think she was. She wasn’t ready to warm up to her just yet.

_MG_9189_MG_9206Mom and Dad suggested a toast to Margot’s arrival with baked sweets from a lovely pink box. Mollie smiled.

Cupcake Toast by Krystal Mann | www.mintandsage.com_MG_9220After she enjoyed her cupcake, Mollie became a bit more curious about Margot. She watched Margot sleeping in the little plastic hospital crib while clinging to the familiarity of Daddy’s arms hugging her. She watched. And observed. And watched. And observed. Sometimes moving closer to that clear plastic crib to get a better look before retreating back to Daddy.



_MG_9235Mollie Meets Margot


Then came the opportunity to help mommy dress Margot in a cute little onesie. This piqued Mollie’s curiosity. She watched. Then she moved a little closer. Then she watched. Then moved a little closer. This happened a few times, with every move closer to Margot removing a bit of uncertainty from Mollie’s mind.

Mollie Meets Margot  by Krystal Mann | www.mintandsage.com


_MG_9307She looked at Mommy with eyes of amazement and then a soft smile appeared on her face.

_MG_9303Mollie Meets Margot by Krystal Mann | www.mintandsage.comStill reluctant, Mollie presented Margot with a stuffed butterfly seeming to say to her that everything was going to be okay.

_MG_9321_MG_9328Family snuggles and hugs soon followed. Though, still the slightest bit unsure, Mollie had begun to warm up to her baby sister.

Mollie Meets Margot by Krystal Mann | www.mintandsage.com_MG_9435Mom knew this was an accomplishment, and everything would soon fall into place.

Daddy did, too.

Accomplishment by Krystal Mann | www.mintandsage.com_MG_9474And, somewhere along the way, so did Mollie.

Mollie Meets Margot by Krystal Mann | www.mintandsage.com_MG_9498


Too precious…for words.

mi mi

Love it, love it. You will always be so happy you did this.

Pamela Rosado

This is the first time I’ve seen all of these pictures . Very beautiful. What a Joy to see all of the different expressions on Mollie’s face. These pictures will surely be treasured by the girls when they grow up. VERY special.

A Pumpkin Patch Engagement

Fall is a wonderful time of year. Crisp air. Leaves that paint the trees with rich hues of yellow, orange and red. Apple cider, warm pumpkin spice lattes and sweather weather. It might be the most wonderful time of year. And yes, this means that Christmas song has it all wrong. Fall is where it’s at.

To celebrate the changing season, here’s an engagement session in a pumpkin patch. There are also sunflowers and goats, because, well, goats are awesome and sunflowers are a favorite thing. Enjoy a peek into Jessi and Joey’s engagement session – shot on a Contax 645AF on Fuji 400H, developed and scanned by the wonderful people at Richard Photo Lab in Hollywood, CA.

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This is beauty in accomplishment.

When time seems to stop, surrounding the life that entered the world with the sweetest of cries.

The heart of a mother that overflows with the radiance and thankfulness

that turned the weary night into the breath of love.

Joy overflowing. A heart that is full. The pride of a mother.

An accomplished and prideful mother after giving birth to her second daughter.

My girls!